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Welcome to Custom Strategy Consulting, LLC!

We are passionate about communicating your unique investment process

so you can improve your visibility, win new business, and retain existing clients.

Our Products and Services

Browse our services below

Investment Process/Strategy Consulting

We bring an intense focus on consistency and your unique approach to address these questions: 

* Where is the gap between what you actually do and what prospective clients think you do?

* Is your investment strategy truly consistent with your philosophy?

* Does the investment performance make sense given your process?

* How can you fill any gaps?

* What is your competitive advantage and how can you communicate it better? 

Customized Consulting

Address needs specific to your organization: 

* How can our team work better together?

*Does it make sense for us to incubate a new strategy, given our investment philosophy, current organization, and resources?

* How can we target our message better to institutional clients?   

Professional Coaching

Coaching is a powerful, collaborative relationship that can sharpen your competitive edge through better communication. It works through conversation: First establish focus, then explore possibilities, plan actions, remove barriers to implementation, and arrive at a satisfactory and repeatable outcome. We can meet in person or via Facetime/Skype. 

We might target: 

* How to walk through an investment idea from start to finish.

* How to answer investment performance questions. 

* Other issues you wish to address. 

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